IRAs: 4 Part Series

This four part series includes the following webinars. Click each link for a complete description of what will be covered in each session. Each webinar can also be purchased individually.

Covered Topics

IRAs Part 1: Understanding the Basics – Wednesday, September 1st

This 90 minutes Webinar will help you build the foundation of understanding IRAs by supplying you with the tools to dive into the IRA world.

IRAs Part 2: Rollovers vs. Transfer  Wednesday, Friday, September 10th

One of the most misused and abused language in the IRA World is using the words "rollover" and "transfer" interchangeably. Not only that, it is also one the most frequent mistakes financial institutions make when reporting these transactions to the IRS resulting in unnecessary bills sent to credit union members.

IRAs Part 3: Distributions, Beneficiaries and Reporting Tuesday, September 28th

If you are searching for a Webinar where you will achieve that higher “comfort level” on these complicated topics, this Webinar is “must-attend”.

IRAs Part 4: Auditing Your Files Friday, October 22nd

If you do not want your credit union writing checks to the IRS for filing errors, this Webinar should be a true necessity.

Who Should Attend?

New Account Representatives, Certificate of Deposit Personnel, Savings Counselors, Member Service Representatives or anyone who is newly involved in the opening, selling, marketing, or administration of IRAs. Any supervisor/manager who "oversees" the IRA department and may be responsible for answering IRA member’s questions or concerns but does not actually open IRA accounts. Experienced IRA trainers or personnel who like a review of the basics and forms.