Basic Loan Underwriting

Loan underwriting is a detailed and complex process that can be daunting to a beginning or entry level loan officer/underwriter.

To ensure that loan underwriting is consistently applied, Credit Unions need to ensure the adequacy and consistency of the training and monitoring of beginner/entry level loan officers/underwriters.

"Basic Loan Underwriting” is designed to present key discussion areas that will assist with the consideration, development and design of tools and methodologies to assist beginning/entry level loan underwriters with understanding the concepts and knowledge needed to underwrite and decision loans and other forms of credit.

What is your Credit Union doing to ensure that beginner/entry level loan officers/underwriters fully understand the concepts of how to underwrite/decision an application for credit?

Covered Topics:

  • Rules and regulations affecting the granting of credit
  • Understanding the basic principles of lending including the “5 C’s of Credit”
  • The importance of adequate documentation of factors affecting the loan decision
  • Communication with applicants/borrowers including the communication of requests for information, loan approvals, counter-offers and loan denials
  • Understanding the importance of a credit report and what a credit report is used for including the borrower’s credit score, borrowing habits, credit history, the impact of negative credit tradelines, other credit report factors and how these affect a loan decision
  • Understanding loan applications and loan application “red-flags”
  • Loan interviewing skills
  • The information and criteria necessary needed to make a loan decision
  • And more……

Who Should Attend?

CEO’s, Lending Management, Supervisory Committee Members, Members of Boards of Directors and Lending Personnel will all benefit from attending this webinar.
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