Beginning Collection Techniques

For any financial institution/Credit Union that grants loans, credit cards or any other form of credit, there is always the possibility that a loan or credit card may become delinquent and potentially result in a loss. To counter and reduce the potential for credit delinquency and loss, financial institutions employ a dedicated program of collecting through the utilization of a collections function/department. The employees of the collection department generally include one or more personnel including personnel who actively collect delinquent and other negative condition accounts often, but not always, referred to as collectors or collection officers.

Due to the Rules and Regulations that apply to the collection of delinquent loans/accounts and the dramatic impact the collection effort can have on the income/loss of a financial institution, collection personnel – especially collectors/collection officers – must be highly skilled and highly trained. This webinar will discuss the knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques needed for beginning collectors/officers.

Covered Topics:

  • The primary purpose of a collection function/department
  • Understanding delinquent debtors and the causes for debt payment failure
  • Key criteria that makes an effective collector
  • Basic techniques for contacting and talking to delinquent borrowers
  • Basic tools and techniques for collectors that increase the beginning collector’s chance to succeed
  • Regulations that affect collections
  • Documenting collection efforts
  • Discussion of repossession and loan charge-off
  • And more…

Who Should Attend?

CEO’s, Lending Management, Supervisory Committee Members, Members of Boards of Directors, Collection Management and Collection Personnel will benefit from attending this webinar.