The Polished and Professional Teller

The goal of every financial institution is to develop tellers who acquire the necessary skills to proficiently deal with members, utilize loss prevention techniques and put a harmonious touch into every transaction. Whether the teller is new or a veteran, there is an opportunity during this webinar to learn tips and techniques that will make them more efficient, confident and prepared to tackle their daily responsibilities.

As the first person seen by most members, the teller fills a critical role in brand and reputation reinforcement. Have you ever considered how important a job you have? Most of us fail to think of ourselves in terms of value and importance to an institution. However, who affects member satisfaction more than the employees on the frontline?

Whether we see our members face-to-face or only hear their voices over the phone, we represent the institution to that member. How well we perform our duties is certainly important to the institution and to the member; however, how we do it is just as important. What we say and how we say it, how well we respond to our customers' needs and wants, how well we team with our fellow workers, how well we interact with our internal team members, and how professionally we make all these interactions leaves our members with an impression of how good we are as an institution. Plus, knowing what to say to unhappy depositors is as important to the job of a teller as is accuracy in handling large sums of cash.

Being able to use finesse when handling sticky situations, as well as, being capable of following procedures when processing transactions are examples of the high expectations that come with this job.

The Polished and Professional Teller webinar is designed to develop alert, capable tellers who can minimize losses, follow explicit instructions and provide quality member service.

Covered Topics

  • Manage Your Attitude
  • Steering Clear of Poor Choices
  • Follow Procedure
  • Manage Risk
  • Look the Part—Act the Part—Do Your Part
  • Project a Professional Image
  • Beware the Sticky Stuff
  • Provide Service
  • Promote Sales
  • Master the Balancing Act

Who Should Attend?

Tellers, Teller Supervisors, Branch Managers, Trainers and anyone interested in improving their skill-sets would benefit from this webinar.