Cashflow Analysis

In order to be approved for a loan, businesses need to establish the ability to generate enough cashflow to service both existing and proposed debt. This seminar will examine cashflow from a number of different perspectives. Participants will consider conventional cashflow analysis as a basis for loan repayment as well as consider other factors and variables that can impact a business' cashflow; i.e. growth, mismanagement of operating cycles, and mismanagement of business funds.  During this program, a number of different analysis tools will be utilized, including cashflow statements, financial projections, and permanent working capital analysis. 

In this program we will go over multiple case studies to demonstrate the ways in which these tools can be utilized to assist lenders in the analysis process.

Covered Topics:

  • Simple Cashflow
  • How to utilize cashflow statements properly
  • Predicting the ability of a business to service future debt based on the development of projected financial information
  • Realizing the importance of changes in Permanent Working Capital and how those changes impact cashflow
  • Global Cashflow:  How to Measure It and What It Means

Who Should Attend?

Credit Analysts, Loan Officers and other personnel with a basic understanding of business credit analysis will find this program very useful.