Preventing Lending Compliance Mistakes For Credit Unions

The pace of changes in lending regulations is unprecedented. Do you know which regulations require annual training? Which regulations cause the most frequent problems in passing compliance exams? What should lenders understand about money laundering and suspicious activity in the loan process? Compliance training for lenders is no longer "optional" and it can save money. Flood insurance violations have increased to $2,000 per incident with NO annual limit. HMDA data accuracy issues continue to cause civil money penalties and fair lending has become a greater exam focus with the NCUA. This session will cover many of the compliance regulations lenders must follow and outlines many specific disclosures and timing requirements. This webinar will cover everything from Regulation B to Z.


  • BSA annual training requirements for CIP in the lending area and due diligence for detecting potential money laundering activity plus Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) basics.
  • Fair Lending "best practices" to mitigate the risk factors in underwriting, pricing, and steering
  • Reg B requirements for the life of the loan including the appraisal rules that become effective January 18, 2014.
  • Tips for the frontline - How to take and process an application, including an overview of the ABILITY TO REPAY requirements
  • Overview of HMDA data collection, common problems and best practices
  • Overview of Flood requirements including triggering events
  • The most common errors in consumer real estate secured loans and how to prevent them

Who Should Attend?

This informative session is designed for compliance officers, auditors, loan officers, loan assistants, and loan administration staff. This seminar is designed for both those new to lending regulations or more experienced personnel looking for a review of existing requirements.